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To World Pollution

The second presale date will be announced soon

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CleanCarbon is the first asset-backed, community-driven blockchain project that really cleans our planet

The key facts:

We combine the benefits of Decentralised Finance with the physical Waste-to-Energy installations



CARBO token directly connects with the CleanCarbon solutions company and its physical Waste-to-Energy installations. A significant part of the generated profits will be used to buy back CARBO tokens.

Physical utilities

CARBO token has many physical utilities built in the project's economy. It is used as a payment method with our contractors, rewards for local green activities for our users, and much more in the future.

CARBO platform

Our innovative platform contains multiple CARBO token utilities collected in one place for users' convenience. This includes interactions with the Smart Contract, CARBO score, CARBO airdrops, and more.


We build a robust community and invite everyone to help us grow the project to its full potential. Our Voting Platform will ensure everyone has a voice, and the CleanCarbon company will listen.


Detailed marketing schedule for the upcoming months and broader plan for subsequent years; a part of the token fees will always be used for marketing to ensure constant project growth.

Auto reflections

Automatic rewards in two cryptocurrencies; CARBO (instant reflections) and BUSD (staking every 24 hours). These rewards are taken from every transaction on PancakeSwap and work for everyone.

5% Buying fee

5% Selling fee

Each element of the fees can be turned on and off individually if needed


Waste-to-Energy conversion

We use Ultra High-Temperature Gasification (UHTG), the next-generation waste utilization process

What are the benefits:

What can be utilised:

Local governments worldwide will finance the utilization of their unwanted waste products









Find the answer to the most commonly asked questions

Please make sure you read carefully our Whitepaper and PitchDeck. If you still have questions about the CleanCarbon project, you can contact our team via Discord.

Our team is very active on our Discord server and will be happy to answer any questions.


Please make sure to post your question/proposition in the appropriate channel to ensure it gets noticed by the right CleanCarbon team members.

The initial price of CARBO in BNB will be the same as during the presale, 1 BNB = 8000 CARBO.


The instructions on buying on PancakeSwap can be found here:

PancakeSwap instructions

Yes, there is a vesting period for the CARBO tokens bought during the presale to offer the initial protection of the price.


The tokens will be released at the daily rate of 4000 CARBO, and they need to be claimed from our Platform.

Log in to your Metamask or Trustwallet and click Import Tokens.


Paste the CARBO contract address: 0xa52262dA176186105199a597aC8Cf094FF71b0C5, token Symbol is CARBO and Token Decimals is 18.


Then, confirm adding the CARBO token; you should be able to see it in your wallet.

There are no purchase or sell limits on PancakeSwap; you can buy or sell as many tokens as you wish.

However, every transaction affects the prices, and users need to cover the price change caused by their trade.

The launch on PancakeSwap is scheduled for the 12th of June, at 13:00 UTC. This is when the liquidity will be added to the pair CARBO/BUSD, and the vested tokens will start to be released.

The price was the same during both presales phases and will be the same during the launch on PancakeSwap, 1 BNB = 8000 CARBO.

CARBO token will be launched fairly for everyone.

We will add around $1,000,000 to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, half in CARBO and half in BUSD.

The liquidity will be added only to the PancakeSwap v2 pool.

Slippage is the excess you are willing to pay if the price increases between the time you click swap and the time the order gets executed.


CARBO token has an additional 5% fee, so the slippage you choose should always be greater than 5%.


We recommend putting at least 7% in less volatile conditions, around 10% in the first couple of days after the launch on PancakeSwap, and at least 15-20% during the actual launch.

We have multiple protection mechanisms in place, so if you are planning to use both to purchase CARBO tokens during our launch on PancakeSwap, please do it at your own risk.