August CARBO contest

We have prepared another exciting contest for this week.
This time, we are giving away 1 000 000 CARBO tokens, split into two equal parts, the trading contest, and the airdrop.

The contest is active full seven days until the end of this week (UTC). Users who sell or transfer CARBO tokens during this week’s event and new wallets created this week will be excluded from participating.


500 000 CARBO will be sent to twenty winners buying the largest total number of our tokens during the event, according to the numbers below:

  • 1st place – 80000 CARBO
  • 2nd place – 65000 CARBO
  • 3rd place – 50000 CARBO
  • 4th place – 41000 CARBO
  • 5th place – 36000 CARBO
  • 6th place – 30000 CARBO
  • 7th place – 27500 CARBO
  • 8th place – 25000 CARBO
  • 9th place – 22500 CARBO
  • 10th place – 20000 CARBO
  • 11th place – 18000 CARBO
  • 12th place – 16000 CARBO
  • 13th place – 14000 CARBO
  • 14th place – 12000 CARBO
  • 15th place – 10000 CARBO
  • 16th place – 9000 CARBO
  • 17th place – 8000 CARBO
  • 18th place – 7000 CARBO
  • 19th place – 6000 CARBO
  • 20th place – 5000 CARBO

We encourage everyone who wants to participate in purchasing CARBO in multiple smaller transactions instead of massive single trades. This way, you won’t get front-run by trading bots, who take advantage of larger transactions waiting in the BSC mempool and dramatically increase the prices of regular larger orders.


500 000 CARBO tokens will also be distributed via airdrop to everyone who participates in this week’s contest by purchasing at least 2000 CARBO.

  • Users who buy at least 2000 CARBO will receive a single airdrop.
  • Users who buy at least 5000 CARBO will receive a double airdrop.
  • Finally, users who buy at least 8000 CARBO will receive a triple airdrop.

We invite everyone to join this week’s event and win CARBO prizes!

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