BNB Contest August

Seeing the rising prices of BNB, today we have another exciting contest to announce for this week; this time, the prizes will be sent to lucky winners in BNB!

The total prize pool of 30 BNB will be distributed to 15 lucky addresses so that every winner will receive 2 BNB each, valued at around $660 at the time of writing this.

Here are the rules:
To participate, purchase at least 3000 CARBO this week and don’t sell or send away from your wallet any CARBO tokens until the contest is over, at midnight UTC this Sunday. The participants will receive a specific number of draw submission tickets based on the total number of purchased CARBO during the event.

  • 3000 – 8000 CARBO – 1 ticket
  • 8000+ – 15000 CARBO – 2 tickets
  • 15000+ – 25000 CARBO – 3 tickets
  • 25000+ – 40000 CARBO – 4 tickets
  • Over 40000 CARBO – 5 tickets

All participating addresses will be placed on the list, and their number of occurrences will be multiplied by the number of received submission tickets, and then, we will randomly draw 15 lucky winners LIVE on our stream. For instance, someone who purchased 20 000 CARBO tokens will have a triple chance of winning as someone who only got one ticket.

Each address can also win more than one prize, as each draw will be done independently. So, theoretically, even one address purchasing at least 3000 CARBO can collect multiple rewards.

The new addresses explicitly created for this contest (with no transaction before this week) will be excluded.

We invite everyone to participate in this new week’s activity and wish you all best of luck!

The winners of the previous week’s contests will be announced tomorrow, and the rewards, together with the airdrop, will be sent on Wednesday.

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