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BUSD contest with airdrops

After a massive success of our current trading contest and seeing the growing excitement in our community, we have decided to make it into a recurring event happening every week. This way, we can replace the PancakeSwap fees that have recently been turned off and offer our community more substantial financial rewards.

To be clear, we won’t focus entirely on CARBO rewards but will offer all sorts of prizes, including other cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, electronic equipment, various gadgets, and CARBO merch. Every week will bring new chances for the CARBO token holders and new users joining the project.

The contests will always start at the beginning of each week and last precisely seven days. The previous week’s contest winners will always be announced on Tuesdays, and prizes will be sent on Wednesdays.

This way, the CleanCarbon team will have enough time to analyze the previous week’s data and accurately determine the contests’ winners.


In just a couple of hours, the new contest/airdrop begins! We are giving away 10 000 BUSD, split into two parts:


BUSD contest

5 000 BUSD will be sent to the trading contest winners, who do not sell or transfer any CARBO tokens in the upcoming week.

Here’s the prize pool:

  • 1st place – 1400 BUSD
  • 2nd place – 1000 BUSD
  • 3rd place – 700 BUSD
  • 4th place – 500 BUSD
  • 5th place – 400 BUSD
  • 6th place – 300 BUSD
  • 7th place – 250 BUSD
  • 8th place – 200 BUSD
  • 9th place – 150 BUSD
  • 10th place – 100 BUSD


BUSD airdrops

5 000 BUSD will be equally divided among everyone who will purchase at least 1000 CARBO tokens next week and won’t sell or transfer anything until the end of the week. Users who buy at least 5000 CARBO tokens will double their airdrop rewards.


To participate in both the contest and the airdrops, simply purchase some CARBO tokens:

Buy CARBO on PancakeSwap


We invite everyone to be creative and figure out the best strategies for every upcoming contest, as the rewards will always be worthwhile.

Good luck, everyone!

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