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As we are approaching the date when the physical parts of our project start coming together, CleanCarbon’s team is expanding to ensure we have all the necessary resources to construct the pilot installation promptly. So today, we proudly introduce two new engineers who have joined the CleanCarbon project.

Julia Prieto Ramírez

Julia holds a degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering.
Julia specializes in environmental and chemical engineering and energy management. Her primary role in the CleanCarbon project will be coordinating chemical processes, their environmental impact, and some aspects of logistics.

Daiko Guerra Schaarschmidt

Daiko is a final year Electronic and Robotics Engineering student whose main focus in CleanCarbon will be managing automated and robotic equipment in our installations. Recently, he also helped us designing 3d model of the installation used at the FIWARE summit as a showcase on our stand.

These two talented professionals are joining the existing team of our engineers:

Laura de León

Laura joined the team over two months ago as Junior Engineer. She has a degree in engineering and specializes in designing and managing industrial facilities and renewable energies. Her role in CleanCarbon is to help construct the facilities, develop industrial processes and prepare all relevant documentation.

Angela Cadei

Angela is an engineering office manager with two years of experience in the world of renewable energies in the Canary Islands. She is responsible for administration and office management.

José Luis Camino Carmona

Lastly, we have Camino, who is leading the engineering team. Camino is a well-respected and accomplished engineer in the Canary Islands with over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector and has been our chief engineer from the very beginning.

CleanCarbon’s engineering team is located in a separate office in Puerto del Rosario, Fuetreventura’s capitol, next to the Town Hall, as our main office in Parque Tecnologico is not well suited for the team of 10 people. Still, we all have weekly meetings to discuss the project development and goals for the upcoming weeks.

Our engineering team also works closely with the UHTG distributor Coinvolta to ensure the physical part of our project will be delivered smoothly.

With the start of this new chapter of the project development, we are excited and one step closer to bringing our first Waste-to-Energy installation to the world.

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