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Meet the CARBO

For those who are more interested in the CARBO token and the project tokenomics, we’ve decided to shed more light on the subject and explain some of our choices.

CARBO was built on the BEP20 network, because it’s a perfect choice for us right now, considering what we want to achieve. The BSC network is fast, cheap, and has a large audience. Our marketing goals were also an essential factor in choosing this network; the abundance of services to leverage the exposure within the BSC ecosystem will help us reach a broader audience.

CARBO token connects the world of DeFi with the physical Waste-to-Energy installations. We believe this may be the missing link in the current landscape of smart contract copies and users focusing too much on the financial aspects of projects. The next wave of DeFi projects should focus more on physical applications that solve people’s problems.

CARBO functions within the CleanCarbon ecosystem can be divided into three sections:

1. Physical utilities
We are making sure the token is used in the real world, and we are building many incentives for people to prefer its use over fiat. Some of our local contractors have already agreed to be paid in CARBO. This utility will benefit the whole community, as tokens need to be purchased first, and everyone will benefit from the unique CARBO tokenomics.

2. CARBO platform
We are developing a platform that will offer interactions with various functions of our smart contract. At the launch, users will be able to connect their Metamask wallets, claim CARBO purchased during the presale, and collect their daily staking rewards in BUSD. However, this is just the beginning. CARBO platform will be expanding, and new functions will be added over time.
At first, we will focus on airdrop rewards and DAO governance, with many exciting new capabilities coming later.

3. Financial incentives.
Finally, our token has multiple, well-tested financial incentives built directly in the smart contract.
There will be 5% buy and 5% sell fees taken from every transaction on PancakeSwap. It will fund our DeFi rewards mechanisms:

  • Our token offers two forms of passive income, one in native CARBO as instant reflections and one in BUSD as daily rewards.
  • With the help of regular burning events, CARBO is also 100% deflationary, which will steadily boost the price.
  • Regular buyback events will help increase the CARBO value. After completing the pilot project, they will also be generated from the profits of running the installations.
  • Finally, the part of the fees will fund our marketing campaigns to ensure the project will always be able to reach new audiences worldwide.

Each mechanism can be turned on and off individually if it is not helpful for the project development.

We believe the CARBO tokenomics are 100% sustainable and offer the perfect balance between well-established DeFi mechanisms and genuine innovation. We can’t wait to see it in action, putting smiles on our community members’ faces!

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