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Meta World Congress

We are delighted to announce that CleanCarbon has been invited to participate in the Meta World Congress, taking place on the 31st of March in Madrid. This event gathers influential professionals, researchers, and investors to discuss the latest developments in technology, particularly in web3 and metaverse, and the future of our digital world.

The Meta World Congress is an excellent platform for CleanCarbon to showcase our innovative project as a sustainable solution to the current energy crisis, especially that our CEO, Udo Abraham, will be speaking and presenting our work there to a global audience.

The event’s lineup features an impressive roster of speakers, including renowned experts in the fields of web3, metaverse, blockchain technology, and sustainability. It offers a unique opportunity for CleanCarbon to connect with like-minded individuals and establish valuable partnerships. We are particularly excited about the prospect of engaging with venture capital (VC) investors, who may provide additional funding to support the growth and expansion of the token side of our project.

Moreover, the Meta World Congress is a fantastic chance for us to learn from other industry leaders and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. By participating in this event, we hope to contribute to the global conversation on clean energy and the role of emerging technology in promoting sustainability.

To celebrate our participation, CleanCarbon offers two entry tickets valued at €200 for those who want to meet us there. To win the ticket, you must reply with the ticket icon to the post announcing the event on Discord or Telegram. We will select the winners and contact them after the weekend. 

More info about the Meta World Congress can be found at

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