September BUSD contest

The new CARBO contest is now on!  

We are giving away 10 000 BUSD in prizes to the contest winners and via airdrops to all participants.

The event lasts seven days until Sunday, the end of this week (UTC). Wallets that sell or transfer any CARBO tokens during this week’s competition and new wallets created in the last 30 days are excluded from the contest and the airdrop.

Buying Contest

5000 BUSD will be shared between 12 winners who purchased most CARBO tokens while the contest lasts: 

  • 1st place – 1300 BUSD
  • 2nd place – 900 BUSD
  • 3rd place – 700 BUSD
  • 4th place – 480 BUSD
  • 5th place – 360 BUSD
  • 6th place – 290 BUSD
  • 7th place – 240 BUSD
  • 8th place – 200 BUSD
  • 9th place- 170 BUSD
  • 10th place – 140 BUSD
  • 11th place – 120 BUSD
  • 12th place – 100 BUSD


BNB airdrops

The remaining 5000 BUSD will be distributed between CARBO holders who purchase at least 3000 CARBO this week in three multiplier tiers:

  • 3000 – 6000 CARBO – single airdrop
  • over 6000 – 10000 CARBO – double airdrop
  • over 10000 CARBO – triple airdrop 


As always, the results will be announced on Tuesday next week, and the rewards will be sent the day after. We invite everyone to participate in the competition and wish you great fun and big wins!

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