Trading Contest

Today we have something exciting to announce and hope to get our community happy.

We are starting a first CARBO trading contest with massive rewards in the form of prizes and an airdrop at the end of the competition to reward all the participants.

The contest will last until the end of July, Sunday 23:59 UTC.

There are two rules to participate:

  1. Purchase at least 2000 CARBO tokens until the end of July on PancakeSwap.
  2. Don’t sell or send away any CARBO tokens until the contest ends.

We are dedicating 1 million CARBO tokens to reward both the winners of the contest and the participants in general. The prize pool will be divided into the trading contest and the CARBO airdrops.

Trading contest (600 000 CARBO)

  • 200 000 CARBO for the winner with the most trading volume
  • 100 000 CARBO for the runner-up
  • 50 000 CARBO for the third place
  • 30 000 CARBO for the fourth place
  • 20 000 CARBO for the fifth place
  • 100 000 CARBO tokens for the largest single transaction

Additionally, 100 000 CARBO tokens will be sent to one random address that trades at least 10 000 CARBO tokens during the contest. The process of selecting the lucky winner will be done publicly.

CARBO airdrops (400 000 CARBO)

These tokens will be split equally and airdropped to every address that participated and fulfilled the earlier requirements – bought at least 2000 CARBO and didn’t sell any of them.

Please note that different categories of prizes are not exclusive. For example, one address can receive multiple rewards for the trading volume, transaction size, and additional airdrops.

The contest is live from now, 16:00 UTC; any tokens received to new addresses today after the trading contest has started will not be counted.

The winners will be announced next week and will receive CARBO via airdrops.

We invite you all to participate and develop your strategies to receive a chunk of these substantial rewards. Good luck!

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