Core Team

Udo Abraham

CEO & Co-founder

Degree in Statistics & Economics, Risk Analyst. Udo has over 10 years of experience in managing and consulting companies in the Canary Islands and in the renewable energy sector.

Michal Pomykala

CTO & Co-founder

Blockchain and web developer, tokenomics expert, and professional crypto trader since 2012. Michal has 8y of experience in executive positions and recently worked as the CTO at Tenset.


Chief Engineer

Degree in Engineering. 18 years of experience in renewable energies and power plants constructions in the Canary Islands. Camino manages an international team of engineers.

Dominik Dąbek

Marketing director

Dominik is a dot connector and publicity wizard. Extensive experience in effective crypto marketing, business negotiation, and deep understanding of blockchain space since early 2017.

Heinz Hoffmann

Project manager

Degree in business analytics and online marketing. Heinz has managed large-scale B2C/B2B projects in the telecommunication and insurance industries.

kim minhoe

Graphic designer

Kim is a multidisciplinary NFT artist & graphic designer who previously worked with many large companies such as Samsung, LG, and Ford.

Phillip Berg

Video Creator

Phillip is a world builder with 20 years of experience in cinematography, lighting, and conveying a visual narrative through the lens.

Angela Cadei

Office manager

12y of experience in the world of renewable energies in the Canary Islands. Experience in office management and 360º responsibilities.

Victor A.S. Delgado-Yumar

Legal & Tax advisor

An economist with a law degree and managing partner of the Delgado Yumar Asesores. Specializes in taxes and EU business law.

Pedro Novais

Web developer

Pedro is a blockchain enthusiast with 16 years of experience as a web developer and extensive email and online marketing knowledge.

Raquel I. Navarro

Local collaborations

Degree in Psychopedagogy & Social Education. Raquel has 15y+ experience in Social Services. Social Educator for the Ministry of Spain.


Marketing in Asia

10y+ of experience in business negotiation and marketing. Speaking Chinese and Japanese, Yuli is helping us enter Asian markets.

laura de león

Junior Engineer

Degree in engineering. Laura specializes in the design and management of industrial facilities, renewable energies, and the environment.

Jaro Barnik

Community Manager

With 4y+ of experience in crypto marketing and community management. He's been working on projects such as MetaHero and Everdome.

Plus other specialists in blockchain/IT development, engineering, and marketing

Advisors and Ambassadors

Mannix Manglani

With a professional career spanning more than 16 years, Mannix is a certified FIWARE Expert who understands the real needs of companies and markets, developing practical commercial solutions. He specializes in FIWARE technologies and has trained others in this sector around the world.

Daniel Nakashima

Apart from acting as a CMO of Japan Crypto Club and being an investor and marketer of multiple crypto projects, Daniel is an expert in the energy sector, specializing in the LPG/LNG and hydrogen business. Daniel is helping CleanCarbon to enter the Japanese market.

John Nguyen

John is a crypto marketer and influencer, born in Vietnam, and currently living in Richmond Virginia, United States. Having a large Youtube channel and Telegram group, he is introducing CleanCarbon to the Vietnamese community and helping us with the promotion in the USA.

dr. Jan Fritz Rettberg

Dr. Fritz has been the CEO of the Smart City Alliance of Dortmund since 2015 and the Chief Information and Innovation Officer of the City of Dortmund. His expertise in Digitalisation and Smart Cities will help us prepare the CleanCarbon project to expand faster and implement our solutions into the existing cities’ infrastructures.

Juan Manuel Revuelta Pérez

Juan Manuel Revuelta Pérez is the CEO of Finnova, the Brussell-based European foundation that supports the financing of innovation in companies, regions, and municipalities, including sustainable development and circular economy. Juan is an official CleanCarbon subventions partner.

Dieter Filler

Dieter has over 10 years of experience in Waste-to-Energy systems. He's the CEO of, the exclusive distributor of UHTG installations in over 18 countries, and is coordinating CleanCarbon's purchase and installation of the UHTG plant.

adrián sánchez rodríguez

Adrian is a financial advisor and economist experienced in blockchain technology and crypto. He creates educational content on Youtube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Adrian is well-connected and helps CleanCarbon with blockchain solutions.

Jesús Sánchez Bermejo

Jesús is a Web3 entrepreneur, blockchain consultant, public speaker, media collaborator, and well-recognized crypto educator, both in Spain and worldwide. Jesus is well connected in the Crypto space and guides CleanCarbon in multiple issues.


Type of partnership:


What does the company do?

FIWARE sets universal technology standards for smart applications worldwide, making data and systems truly interoperable and enabling them to adopt and implement solutions more quickly. FIWARE is up and running in more than 250 cities in over 30 countries worldwide.

How does it benefit CleanCarbon?

Firewire will build Plug-and-Play solutions for CleanCarbon, allowing seamless data transfer from our installations, through the sensors, and into the blockchain space. This will connect our installations with the CARBO token, both in the Pilot Project and in the future expansions.