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We are delighted to announce that the CARBO v2 token, along with the new CleanCarbon platform, is now live!

The liquidity has been fully transitioned from the old CARBO/BUSD to the new CARBO/USDT pair, maintaining the same starting price. The new token can now be traded on PancakeSwap.


The new liquidity has been locked for 12 months using the Unicrypt LP locking service, one of the most recognized liquidity lock services in the industry. This will likely improve our score on listing platforms such as Dextools and Poocoin.

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The lock will be extended every 12 months indefinitely. However, drawing from past experiences, we’ve learned that perpetually locking LP is not the best practice, as unforeseen changes may require us to implement adjustments over time.


New CleanCarbon Platform

We are thrilled to confirm that our new CleanCarbon platform has launched alongside the CARBO v2 token, and all its functions are now accessible. Simply connect your Web3 wallet and enjoy the benefits of our CARBO v2 token:



The platform includes many unique features that will help users maximize their CARBO investments and allow us to operate more transparently and stay organized. Below are details of all the functions within the new CleanCarbon platform.


Carbo Score

At the core of the platform is our unique reward generation system called Carbo Score. Each user is assigned a numerical value between 0 and 10 based on their activities within the CARBO v2 network. This score is a universal multiplier of all rewards offered by the CleanCarbon company, thus increasing this score is the most effective strategy to maximize rewards.


Initially, Carbo Score is determined by three factors, each with its own weight contribution:

Staking CARBO: This offers the highest increase in Carbo Score, ranging from 1 to 6.7, depending on the chosen package.

Holding Duration: Every two weeks of holding CARBO without selling or transferring increases the Carbo Score by 0.1 points, up to a maximum of 2.0 after 40 weeks.

Wallet Size: The number of tokens held contributes to the Carbo Score, with increases between 0.1 and 1.3 points as the token amount in the wallet doubles starting at 1000 tokens.


Our Carbo Score system is flexible; other contributing factors can be added and existing ones modified based on community feedback and new collaborations.

Carbo Score acts as a multiplier in all airdrops, all rewards for trading contests, and later also in DAO voting power, and the ability for proposal submissions.

By default, the minimum Carbo Score needed to qualify for most airdrops is set to 1.5, and for trading contests, it is 0.1. Over time, users who choose not to stake CARBO will also be entitled to receive airdrops, although staking remains the largest factor determining reward sizes.



Our staking system offers high and sustainable rewards for the entire duration of the staking period. Here are some key details:

Package GOLD: 

  • Requires staking 120k CARBO for 3 months and gives a 1.0 Carbo Score. 
  • The minimum APR is 30%.


Package Platinum: 

  • Requires staking 300k CARBO for 5 months and gives a 2.6 Carbo Score. 
  • The minimum APR is 35%.


Package Diamond: 

  • Requires staking 720k CARBO for 8 months and gives a 6.7 Carbo Score. 
  • The minimum APR is 40%.


The token requirements have been determined mathematically to keep the number of staking wallets relatively low and ensure users who do stake receive higher rewards. We don’t want everyone to stake, especially in high-end packages, which are designed to be exclusive! 

The duration periods of all 3 packages have been chosen so the expirations overlap as little as possible. This is to ensure there won’t be many dates when multiple staking packages expire at the same time and therefore create selling pressure. This should help our charts to look more uniform.

The APRs presented above represent the minimum rewards from airdrops alone, but we aim to reach higher rewards, based on the project’s growth. The initial value for APR calculations is taken at the moment of staking.



Users can preview upcoming airdrops and view the history of the last five airdrops. Every month, there will be at least two airdrops in:

  • Stablecoins (USDT over the BSC network)
  • CARBO or any partnering token with added utility in the CARBO ecosystem, with at least one new utility added quarterly.



We will hold monthly trading contests, with rewards mostly in stablecoins and sometimes in various tokens. Both buy and sell transactions will count as prize tickets, with entries weighted based on the number of transactions and the total amount of CARBO processed.


Buybacks and Burnings

We commit to buying at least $1500 worth of CARBO per month from PancakeSwap at key price moments. All purchased tokens will be removed from circulation in our monthly burning events to create scarcity and enhance the value of CARBO.



We will host monthly AMA sessions, primarily in English, to stay organized and engage with our community. These sessions include rewards for the best questions or even just for participation.


Future Updates

The platform will be regularly updated based on community feedback. The first update, featuring additional DAO functionalities, is already in production and will be launched as soon as the work is completed.


We are immensely grateful for everyone’s feedback and continued support since the very beginning of our existence. 

This truly marks a new chapter in CleanCarbon’s development, and we invite everyone to explore and enjoy the new tools we have to offer!

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