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The Launch Checklist

Please read this article in its entirety, as it contains very important information!

We are now only 24 hours away from the highly anticipated launch of the CARBO v2 token and its new platform.

Starting tomorrow, Sunday, April 14th at 16:00 UTC, users can exchange their old CARBO tokens for new ones and start benefiting from all its new features, such as staking, airdrops, contests, and more.

How to exchange your tokens tomorrow:

Step 1:
Open your Web3 wallet that holds CARBO and go to the CARBO Swapper BSCScan link in your browser. Then, click the “Connect to Web3” button, which will turn green upon a successful connection.

Step 2:
Open the “2. airdropAll” section, click the “Write” button, and confirm the transaction in your Web3 wallet.

This function will be activated tomorrow at 16:00 UTC, and it will automatically exchange all your old CARBO tokens for CARBO v2, trying to exchange CARBO earlier will only result in unnecessary loss of gas fees.

If you’re interacting with the smart contract using a mobile device, ensure you use the default built-in browser of your wallet.

Please note that everyone must perform this interaction themselves to swap their CARBO tokens. We had to change the system at the last moment, realizing that swapping tokens for everyone at once would most likely create technical issues due to gas fees and the need to split it into multiple transactions.

However, there is no time pressure to swap; everyone can do it at their own convenience, as the swapping contract will be available indefinitely.


The Launch Checklist

To fully participate in the launch of our new token, please ensure you check all items on the list below:

We wish everyone a happy and smooth launch tomorrow!

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