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FIWARE Summary

Today’s update summarises the outcome of CleanCarbon’s participation in the recent FIWARE Global Summit in Gran Canaria. We will describe why we think it was an enormous success, what we have achieved, and why we look forward to the future.


Key facts

FIWARE Global Summit is a yearly conference where the key players from the digitalization sector come together and network; it’s a birthplace of new ideas and collaborations. We are very proud to be a part of the FIWARE Global Summit this year, which is returning after 2.5 years of the Covid restrictions. 

Over 400 attendees and 100+ speakers from around the globe joined for two days of world-class discussions, collaboration, and valuable networking opportunities. 

During the event, attendees participated in 187 presentations and 10+ panel discussions showcasing the power of the open source, unique use cases led by example, trending topics in tech, and more.

The main goal of the Fiware community is to build the grounds for the upcoming smart revolution and the explosion of Web3. FIWARE is a set of open-source protocols allowing smart communication between various technologies and industries. The idea was born in Europe but rapidly became global. With some experts claiming that Europe has missed out on the Web 2.0 revolution in favor of the US Silicon Valley giants, Fiware is here to ensure the Web3 development will belong to open source solutions that could transform markets for the better. 


CleanCarbon participation

After months of preparation, CleanCarbon became the gold member of the FIWARE Community and the 2022 Global Summit keystone sponsor. We were selected from 60+ companies that applied for the position.

As FIWARE Foundation Gold Member, CleanCarbon had a stand at the “Wall of Fame” along with 16 other exhibitors covering all the FIWARE focus industries: Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart AgriFood, Smart Energy, and more. We had a chance to present our project to hundreds of participants, part of the presentation was a virtual experience where we showed our installation interactively on the big 4K screen. People loved it, and our stand was the busiest one out there!


The speeches 

We sent six core team members to the Summit: Udo Abraham, Michal Pomykala, Camino, Heinz Hoffmann, Jaaro Barnik, and Pedro Novais.

CleanCarbon hosted four talks with core team members where we had a chance to showcase our project from the engineering, technological and digital perspectives and discuss current global issues it aims to help to solve.

Speaking directly about the CleanCarbon project and participating in discussions afterward was a fantastic experience!


The links to all four speeches are below:

Udo Grand Opening Speech at Fiware ’22 Global Summit

Udo and Mannix at Fiware ’22 Global Summit

Michal Pomykala at Fiware ’22 Global Summit 

Heinz Hoffmann at Fiware ’22 Global Summit


What did we achieve?

The results of our participation can be divided into four categories:

1. Publicity

CleanCarbon has entered the orbits of many significant figures locally in the Canary Islands and worldwide. From politicians to CEOs of prominent companies, VC investors, FIWARE evangelists, tech enthusiasts, and the general public. The event was heavily publicized and supported by tech companies like Atos, AWS, Engineering, Al Madinah Region Development Authority, NEC, Red Hat, Telefónica, Trigyn Technologies, and others. Our CEO Udo Abraham also had yet another appearance on local television.

2. Scrutiny

The event was attended by prominent academic figures and intellectuals from multiple sectors. As a result, we had a real chance to see how the CleanCarbon project looks in the eyes of professors, doctors, and tech experts and receive helpful feedback. What surprised us the most was almost zero criticism; everyone genuinely loved the project and was curious about the details of how our solutions will work. Some people spent over an hour discussing the project at our presentation stand.

3. Knowledge

Participation in multiple talks gave us deep insights into how this booming sector is now rapidly progressing. We learned about specific solutions and technologies already existing in the industry, so the integration with CleanCarbon shouldn’t be too complex. For example, FIWARE already has its blockchain solution called CanisMajor. Talking to Jesus, the FIWARE blockchain director, was a great privilege.

4. Connections

The CleanCarbon team was busy networking; we talked and exchanged contact details with dozens of experts from multiple industries. Everyone was very accommodating and offered us help in many areas of the project development. As a result, our network has grown substantially, and we gained further confidence in our project and its future.


What’s next? 

All in all, the Summit was an enormous success, both for FIWARE and CleanCarbon. Now, we are back to work and have already started using the new connections to move forward with specific project elements.


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