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Delivering the first promise from our recent announcement, we are delighted to inform you that the new CleanCarbon website is finally here after a long overdue update. We simplified some things and expanded other things to improve functionality and user experience. As a result, the updated website offers a fresh and modern look, with enhanced features and more detailed information about our work.

One of the significant updates to the CleanCarbon website is our more prominent focus on the physical part of the project, namely the UHTG (Ultra High-Temperature Gasification) installations. With the increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions and the recent great news about project financing, physical parts are becoming an increasingly crucial aspect of our work. As a result, the new website now provides more detailed information on the technology behind UHTG and how it fits into our overall mission of cleaning the planet.

We have decided to skip non-English languages on the website. Having nine languages made it almost impossible logistically to update the site regularly, and almost everyone uses browsers with automatic translation functions these days anyway. We hope this decision will enhance the user experience and allow more people to access information about our work while also speeding up the site.

Additionally, we have updated the information about the CARBO token. Although the new token is not out yet, the website now introduces its unique functions. The website also teases our new platform, which, when launched, will be another significant milestone for the CleanCarbon project.

And finally, we are excited to present the new roadmap for 2023 and beyond. Due to delays in 2022, we have adjusted our plans and significantly improved our project management processes. Our new roadmap outlines our goals and plans for the future, including the current plans for constructing the Pilot Project, expanding our UHTG installations, building additional utilities around the CARBO token, and promoting our project.

In the upcoming weeks, there will be a couple more updates to the website, where we’ll introduce our new Whitepaper, explainer video, and many other exciting things!

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