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CARBO v2 testnet

We are excited to announce that CleanCarbon has just launched v2 of our smart contract CARBO on the BSC test net. The updated CARBO contract will add multiple functions to the token, which we know the whole community eagerly awaits. 

The CARBO v2, when launched on the main net, will introduce several unique features to our network, such as Carbo Score, Staking functions, and rewards for the community in the form of airdrops and contests. We strongly believe these features will help to drive the adoption of the CARBO token and create a cleaner and more sustainable future.

We invite everyone who understands Solidity to have a look at the three contracts below, as the majority of the code will not change anymore:

We also understand the importance of security when it comes to blockchain technology, and want to be sure the functions don’t trigger any warnings on listing services such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. That’s why we are proud to announce we have already started audits of all three contracts, which are being done by a highly reputable and well-known company. The details about the auditing company will be announced soon, but we can only assure you they are top of the top! 

As exciting as this is, we kindly remind everyone we are still many weeks away from the launch on the main net. When ready, the whole process will be seamless and fully automated, and we’ll keep everyone posted about the details.

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