True HODLer airdrops

Another week has started, and we are happy to announce the contest rules for this week. Once again, we are giving away 10 000 BUSD, split into two parts, the Buying Contest and True HODLer airdrops; this time, however, we are implementing slightly different mechanisms to test new ideas and add more excitement.

Buying Contest

We are splitting and distributing 5000 BUSD to 20 addresses that purchase the largest number of CARBO tokens. This time, the winning prizes are not fixed; they are proportional to the number of CARBO bought during the contest. For example, the winning address that purchased 5x more tokens than the runner-up will receive a 5x larger reward.

Purchase CARBO tokens

True HODLer airdrops

We understand that not everyone can purchase CARBO every week, and holding the token is also a great way to show support for our project.
We want to reward those true believers, both small and whale investors. So, this time, the only requirement for the airdrop is to hold CARBO tokens in the wallet, no purchase is needed, and the longer you hold, the larger the airdrop.

5000 BUSD prize pool will be divided into five brackets and sent to all CARBO holders:

  • 7 – 14 days of holding – single airdrop
  • 14+ – 28 days of holding – airdrop x 2
  • 28+ – 42 days of holding – airdrop x 3
  • 42+ – 56 days of holding – airdrop x 4
  • 56+ days of holding – airdrop x 5

The contest is active full seven days until the end of this week (UTC time). Wallets that sell or transfer any CARBO tokens during this week’s event and new wallets created this week are excluded from the contest and the airdrop.

We are grateful to all our community members who actively support us and want to invite everyone to share their ideas for future contests.

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