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After more than six months of intensive work, the entire CleanCarbon team can now proudly announce that we have officially started!

Our goal as a company is to clean our planet with the help of modern technology. We combine DeFi incentives with asset-backed installations, making sure both parts work together and help each other to grow.

Today we present three necessary elements to prepare CleanCarbon for its future global success:

1. CleanCarbon.io website

The website is initially created in three languages: English, Spanish, and Polish, to reach our first audiences. The additional translations will be added soon.

2. CleanCarbon Whitepaper

This 36 pages document describes our project in detail. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our vision, goals, and plans for their implementation. Our whitepaper is also translated into three languages.

3. Social media channels

CleanCarbon will use multiple communication channels to reach a broad audience around the world:

  • Discord. Our primary communication channel, where the discussion takes place. Join our Discord
  • Twitter. It will be used for quick announcements and connecting with influencers. Follow us on Twitter
  • LinkedIn. Professional news in the renewable energy and blockchain sectors. Connect on LinkedIn
  • Telegram. Selected CleanCarbon announcements targeted at Telegram users. Follow news on Telegram
  • Youtube. Videos and tutorials about the CleanCarbon project. Subscribe to our Youtube channel
  • Github. The future home of CARBO Smart Contract code and all our DeFi tools.

In the coming days, we also plan to launch a Medium channel. Its main objective will be to educate through articles and describe various aspects of our project, from Tokenomics and our role in the DeFi space to Waste-to-Energy systems, the hydrogen industry, and our vision for the future.

We invite everyone to join us. Our team is committed to making CleanCarbon one of the most successful cryptocurrency launches in 2022.

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