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CARBO Buyback Program

CleanCarbon has just launched its official BuyBack program!
We are thrilled to announce that today another essential step on our Roadmap has been achieved, and our BuyBack program is now fully operating.

How does it work?

Every month the CleanCarbon company will continue to buy CARBO tokens from the PancakeSwap exchange. These purchased tokens will later be burned during our monthly burning events, effectively creating more and more scarcity.

We will always use the same dedicated address for all buyback transactions; the details of all its transactions are publicly available for anyone interested. 0x5FF5763964aC663Ec6CDcCf9836306301AED64C0

The purchases will happen at critical market moments, protecting CARBO price, initiating new trends, and sustaining existing ones. This approach will ensure nobody can figure out our buying patterns and abuse the program for their financial benefits.

We are starting by funding the BuyBack program with 30 000 BUSD, which will be used until the end of the month. We may decide to increase the size of the program later this month if extra funds are obtained.

Where do the funds come from?

Currently, most funds come from the profits of the CARBO treasury and some from already generated rewards taken from the trading fees and other company activities.

After the first installation is built and operating, we will add the Waste-to-Energy income stream to our BuyBack program, significantly increasing its impact and capabilities.

Thank you, everyone, for staying with us on this journey!

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