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CARBO CertiK audit

As the first quarter of 2023 is coming to an end, CleanCarbon is excited to announce that we are in the middle of the audit process of our CARBO v2 smart contract with CertiK, one of the most prestigious IT security companies in the world. The audit will ensure that the code is 100% secure and that all functions are working as intended, providing the community with the confidence they need to invest in the CARBO token.

CertiK is a leading provider of security solutions for blockchain systems, with a team of top-tier security experts, including many PhDs from world-renowned universities. Their innovative approach to blockchain security combines formal verification, runtime monitoring, and threat intelligence to provide the most advanced security solutions on the market. We are confident that working with CertiK will ensure the security and integrity of the CARBO v2 smart contract, which will be a critical part of the CleanCarbon ecosystem.

In addition to the audit, we are also using CertiK for our team’s KYC process, adding an extra layer of credibility to the CleanCarbon project. This will demonstrate our commitment to transparency and accountability, which is crucial for building trust while we grow new audiences. 

We have also joined Skynet, CertiK’s security platform. Skynet provides real-time monitoring and alerts for blockchain projects, ensuring that any vulnerabilities or threats are detected and addressed promptly. By joining Skynet, we are taking an extra step to ensure the security of the CARBO token and our network. You can check out our project on Skynet by visiting

Overall, we are thrilled to be working with CertiK and look forward to the audit process and its results. We will update the community on our progress, provide the full report once it’s ready, and add appropriate CertiK badges to our website when they become available. Thank you for your continuing support in our mission of creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

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