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Updated documents

CleanCarbon is excited to announce the release of three new documents to support the adoption and usage of our CARBO token, present the upcoming CleanCarbon platform, and discuss the details of our Waste-to-Energy installations. The documents, which include a new whitepaper, pitch deck, and how-to guide, reflect recent improvements to the project and provide valuable information to the new potential investors and our community.


The updated whitepaper in version 3.0 provides a comprehensive overview of the CleanCarbon project and its current goals. We have revised information about the CARBO token and our upcoming platform and discussed minor updates concerning our Pilot Project and future expansions. Furthermore, we have updated the project’s vision to focus more on the current energy-related issues and prepare the project for the forthcoming crypto regulations. The whitepaper is now only available in English to ensure consistency with our website and streamline communication.

Pitch deck

We have also refreshed our pitch deck to reflect all recent changes. This two-page document provides a condensed overview of the project and is intended to be shared with potential investors and partners. The pitch deck changes primarily include modifications related to the token and are also available in English only.

How to Join

To further support the adoption and usage of the CARBO token, we have also created a brand-new document that explains step-by-step how to join our network and start using CARBO token. The guide is designed to be beginner-friendly and provides clear instructions on how to obtain BNB needed for gas fees, how to set up a Metamask wallet and BSC network, how to purchase CARBO tokens on PancakeSwap, and more…


All three documents are now available on the CleanCarbon website and can be accessed from the main menu under the “Documents” section. 

By improving and simplifying some of our internal document creation systems, we should now be able to implement more frequent project updates, which will keep our community more up-to-date. 

The release of these new documents marks an important step forward for CleanCarbon as we are completing more and more steps needed to launch our new token. We appreciate your support and patience.

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