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CertiK Audit report

We are happy to finally deliver the completed CertiK report of our new CARBO v2 token. CertiK is one of the most recognizable firms in the blockchain sector, well known for their thorough work ensuring the safety of the projects they audit. 

In their preliminary report, CertiK found some issues that needed to be addressed before our new token was ready to be launched. Although no critical issues were found, our team spent a lot of time addressing all of CertiK’s findings and ended up rewriting the code multiple times. 

Why did it take so long?

The first preliminary report was delivered on 17th March, but the launch of our new token has been rescheduled several times due to the delay with the funds for our Waste-to-Energy installations. As a result, our Smart Contract also needed to be updated to reflect changes in the vesting dates for the team tokens and address all CertiK findings. We also took this opportunity to introduce several “quality of life” features and further gas fee optimization.

Four separate instances of the preliminary report have been issued, with each new version including discussions and improvements made. However, only after the recent correction do we feel comfortable giving the green light to the new token and its launch to the public.

The main changes in the v2 version

The old to new CARBO swaps will be initiated directly by users and cause the old token to be burned and the new one minted. It will eliminate the need for two separate CARBO in wallets and any potential confusion about the correct version. It will also give a distinctive advantage of receiving new tokens first to people who regularly follow our CleanCarbon news.

The method of launching the new CARBO has been changed and will now be done by unpausing the token’s functions when we launch. This should help the team and our community to experience a smoother launch.

Several functions have been optimized, and some libraries were updated, which will positively affect gas prices used when interacting with our Smart Contract and add an extra level of security.


The full CertiK audit can be accessed below: 

Final CertiK Audit


Additionally, six of the core CleanCarbon team members’ identities have been verified, and as a result, we have received the CertiK KYC Gold badge.

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