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Diamond Holder airdrop

In today’s update, we will discuss the details of the long-awaited Diamond Holder airdrop, as its rules have just been finalized.

First of all, thank you all for your input in discussions regarding this topic on multiple channels. Your feedback and suggestions were instrumental and helped us specify the final rules.

Our goal was to create rules that reward the most dedicated supporters while also creating a system that is inclusive to most CARBO holders. To accommodate everyone, we have decided to offer two separate airdrops, one to diamond holders, which details are discussed here, and another one to everyone, which will be discussed and sent later, closer to the launch of our new token.


Rules of the Diamond Holder airdrop:

  • We define Diamond Holders as users who participated in at least one of our presales, never sold any CARBO tokens, and never sent tokens to any addresses that later sold.
  • Each diamond holder will receive the airdrop as a percentage of the 5 million CARBO pool, calculated based on their current wallet holdings.
  • The minimum CARBO holdings needed to qualify for the airdrop is 1000. Due to the BSC transaction fees, sending smaller airdrops and paying network fees that eat most rewards doesn’t make sense.
  • Each airdrop size will be weighted based on the number of CARBO held and proportional to the current wallet holdings.
  • Each address will have a weighted airdrop percentage calculated, where the smallest wallets with 1000 CARBO will receive 3x larger weight of their airdrop percentage than the largest wallet size. This system is created to ensure the largest token holders, while still receiving the highest rewards, will leave enough tokens to the smaller holders.
  • The CARBO network snapshot will be taken tomorrow, and the Diamond Holder airdrop will be sent later this week.


Who will qualify:

  • The user purchased during the first presale, never sold any CARBO tokens, and kept everything in the initial wallet. Diamond Holder airdrop: YES.
  • The user purchased on the first and second presale, never sold any CARBO, but sent some tokens to their friend, who never sold anything. Diamond Holder airdrop: YES, both addresses will receive airdrop based on their holdings.
  • The user purchased CARBO during the first presale. He never sold any tokens but sent all of them to the new wallet due to the MetaMask hack. Later, he transferred his CARBO again to three separate wallets, but none of the mentioned wallets had ever sold. Diamond Holder airdrop: YES, all wallets holding CARBO will receive the airdrop.
  • The user participated in the second presale and purchased more CARBO on PancakeSwap. Later, he sent half of their tokens to the new address, and some tokens from that new address were sold on PancakeSwap. Diamond Holder airdrop: NO. The user will qualify for the second airdrop but will be excluded from the current one.
  • The user missed the presale but purchased CARBO tokens later on PancakeSwap. He never sold anything and never sent to an external address. Diamond Holder airdrop: NO. The user will qualify for the second airdrop, but the first one is only for presale participants.
  • The user purchased CARBO during the first and second presale, sold some of the tokens, but later purchased even more so that the total number of their held tokens is now greater than initially. Diamond Holder airdrop: NO. The user will qualify for the second general airdrop, but the first one is only for people who have never sold CARBO tokens.

Once again, we thank our biggest supporters for staying with us while we await the funds needed to move forward with the CleanCarbon project!

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