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The current situation

Today, we wish to provide clarity on recent developments in the CleanCarbon project, touching on both the installation and token aspects. We will explain the current challenges resulting in project delays and the strategies we’ve employed to navigate them.

Unforeseen Delays

We’re fully conscious of and sincerely regretful that we didn’t accomplish our Q2 roadmap as planned. We’ve encountered delays in the past, and we understand that our community may be on the verge of losing patience. Numerous tough decisions had to be made in June, and despite how the situation might appear now, we’re still confident that our recent decisions are the best way to advance the project.

Installation and token

CleanCarbon project consists of two deeply intertwined components. The physical aspect includes our forthcoming Ultra-High Temperature Gasification (UHTG) installations, while the token side (CARBO) encompasses the blockchain side, software, and IT elements. This interconnectedness has proven beneficial in the past, supporting the project from different angles, and we maintain our conviction that this business model will validate itself in the long term.

Current issues

Regrettably, we’re currently at a stage where the progress of the installations is hindering the launch of the token and the growth of our community. As previously shared, we secured a substantial financial deal to fund our pilot project installations and its multiple expansions over the coming years. Legally and commercially, this agreement remains solid, with no changes since inception. The issue lies in a significant delay in receiving the initial funding, which is essential for commencing construction and executing installation-related steps in our roadmap.

Simultaneously, our blockchain-related improvements, such as new version of the CARBO token, the new platform, Carbo Score, and other scheduled advancements, are complete now and waiting to be implemented into the CleanCarbon website. However, we have decided to refrain from launching them without concrete dates for the start of our physical installations.

Reasons to postpone

As difficult as it was, we believe the decision to postpone the launch was necessary. Launching such a major phase of the project development requires an absolute certainty of resources and a well-defined timeline for the physical installations. We believe our chance to overcome the current challenges lies in a well-coordinated launch, together with the start of the pilot project and other planned activities.

Launching without the initial funds to kickstart the installations would very likely lead to more delays and potential further erosion of trust. We wouldn’t be able to start marketing campaigns, implement promised buybacks, or offer airdrops and contests, which would create more selling pressure on our newly launched token. Hence, despite our eagerness to proceed, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to postpone these launches.

Future Plans

We have meticulously planned how the project needs to progress, incorporating the launch of an improved token, upcoming airdrops, regular buybacks, and marketing campaigns, to mention some. These goals can only be achieved with the incoming funds, and once these funds arrive, we will be ready to move forward swiftly. 

At this moment, there is no specific date the next steps will be made; we simply need to wait. Once the situation changes, we will update everyone.

What does it mean?

  • CleanCarbon remains active, and we are determined to execute everything outlined in our roadmap.
  • Due to delays, we’ve scaled back our chat moderators, but other team members will step in to fill these community management roles.
  • We have a detailed action plan ready to roll out once the funds arrive. This includes launching the new token and platform, Carbo Score, marketing campaigns, the first CEX launch, and other improvements. 
  • Construction will also commence immediately as all the necessary preparations are in place.
  • We cannot provide a specific date for the funds’ arrival, and thus we can’t confirm when improvements will be implemented. This could take days or months. 
  • The team remains optimistic, as aside from the delays, we have no reason to believe there are any issues with the financing deal and our plans for the future.


Once again, thank you all for your patience and resilience during these challenging times. We sincerely apologize for the delays and assure you that those who stick with us will be rewarded once the project truly takes off!

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