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Platform Tests Started

Greetings, CleanCarbon community!

The team is very excited to announce that we’ve commenced testing on our CARBO v2 platform. This is a massive step toward our scheduled changes to the CARBO token and improvements to the whole project. We’re thrilled to report that our development is according to schedule with no delays. Your patience and continued support have brought us to this pivotal stage.

Our testing phase incorporates the user’s platform, the admin’s panel, and the Carbo Score itself, as all these three elements need to work together inside our new system. We’re now comprehensively reviewing each aspect to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for all.


User’s platform

Our reimagined platform will connect directly with CARBO v2 token. It adds many exciting features, such as staking packages, airdrops, contests, a dedicated AMA section, and tools to track blockchain buybacks and burning activities. Finally, we are also testing our new Governance section, which will be launched later in Q3.

Admin panel

This backend system manages what’s shown on the platform by assigning staking packages, scheduling contests and airdrops for CARBO holders, and organizing upcoming AMAs. In addition, it lets us modify Carbo Score settings, manage our voting system, and more. Admin panel will exist to ensure smooth communication between our backend and frontend systems while offering a powerful toolkit to manage users, analyze data, and implement future improvements.

Carbo Score

Finally, we have also built and are now testing in backend our Carbo Score. The Carbo Score functions as a dynamic representation of users’ activities within the newly created token and will let us create a fair reward system based on multiple parameters. We believe this gamified, score-based approach will prove to work great for years to come.


Looking ahead, we’re on track to complete this stage of the project development by the end of Q2. Our primary focus remains on refining the user experience, fixing any bugs, and ensuring all systems communicate with each other without any hiccups.

We’re eager to bring you the long-awaited platform for the CARBO v2 token, and with every passing day, we are coming closer and closer to the launch day.

Thank you for your support and patience while we implement all these improvements.

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